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Welcome visitors!

My name is Drew G. Heiss and I have a few different interests/ passions that I would like to share with you.

First and foremost, I want to share my love for Jesus; the only begotten Son of God who can take away our sins and give us eternal life.


Feel free to visit to learn more about me and what makes me tick.

I not only believe that I should follow Jesus, but also that I should encourage others to believe and follow Jesus.

I certainly need to step up my game in this matter.

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The Good News Marching Band is in need of musicians and helpers to participate in local parades.

Our main focus are the 3 parades of Summer:

  1. Memorial Day - Beloit, WI

  2. Independence Day - Milton, WI

  3. Labor Day - Rockford, IL

We could sure use some help.  Visit the site to learn more.

photo: 2015 Rockford Labor Day Parade | debut performance

School Bus Driver Training Hub

I have been enjoying my job as a school bus driver and trainer. I realized I need to be organized, and various resources need to be readily available.

My hope is that will be a good place for trainees to learn.

Please visit the site to learn more.


GoRiteway's LaCrosse, WI terminal in the early morning hour.

Rental Property in Beloit, WI


[nothing available at this time]

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